14th District Congressional Candidate Election in FL

I'm John Peters, running for the 14th congressional district of Florida. I am a common sense candidate. I have a lot of great ideas. I'm willing to look for solutions to our problems, no matter who comes up with the answers. I have missed 5 days of work since 1992. For the past 23 years, I have worked 6 days a week. I will show up every day and give my best effort. This district needs someone who cares and is not obligated to donors, lobbyists, or political affiliations. This district needs someone that wants to find answers to real problems. I have no political background. God has told me to run for this seat, and that is why I'm here doing it. If there were 100 questions, Democrats and Republicans could agree on 85% to 90% of them. So let's take the 10% to 15% that we will never agree on off the table, and let's work together on the 85% to 90% of things that we do agree upon to make this country better. This district and our country deserve better. Kathy Castor has been in this seat for over 16 years. She does not have solutions. She is not looking for answers, and she can only vote as her party tells her to.

John, Susan, Kayla
John, Susan, Kayla

John Peters for Congress is excited to help the great state of Florida (FL) stand for what's right and move forward with added confidence. When you take a look at the 14th district congressional candidates, you can see how I am ready to help improve our community, ensure everyone is treated fairly, and that our government works for you so that you can enjoy your life in Florida to its fullest potential.

I pride myself on being a man of the people, and I am excited to learn about the values and beliefs that you hold dear. As we move closer to our 14th district congressional candidate election, you deserve to make a vote with added confidence. That's why I am excited and ready to answer any of your questions and resolve potential concerns.

For more information and to learn more about how I am ready to help improve our lives in Florida, be sure to visit my contact page today.