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2024 14th Congressional District Candidates Profile in FL

I am John Peters, throwing my hat into the political ring because our district deserves leadership fueled by common sense and a genuine commitment to problem-solving. With no political agenda clouding my vision, I come forward as a person of the people, ready to put in the work, day in and out, to address our community's real issues.

As one of the 2024 14th Congressional District candidates, I promise to be a breath of fresh air. I pledge to be a representative who is not tied down by donors, lobbyists, or rigid political loyalties. My obligation is to you, the people of our district, and to the practical, effective solutions that will improve our lives.

Guided by a divine calling, my 2024 14th District Congressional candidates profile is a heart full of determination and a mind bursting with ideas. I'm convinced that there's more that unites us than divides us. If given the chance, I'm ready to focus on the 85% to 90% of issues we all agree on, setting aside the divisive 10% to 15%, to collaboratively forge a better future for our district and our nation.

Your support can make all the difference. Join me on this journey toward common-sense governance and real results. Together, we can transcend political barriers and build a brighter future for FL.

Vote John Peters for Congress—because it's time our district had a representative who truly cares and delivers.

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